A first for the Perthshire property market!

Premier Properties Perth have become the first estate agent or solicitor firm to announce investment into exciting new Virtual Reality technologies to further enhance their extensive list of marketing services for homeowners. Through a custom-built mobile phone app, users can take an immersive tour of applicable properties and enjoy a virtual visit all from the comfort of their own home.

Director Katie Hall:  “I think we all agree that nothing will fully replace the experience of viewing a property in person, but it’s clear to see that the Virtual Reality technology has come on so much since it was first introduced years ago. This type of technology should not to be confused with the virtual tours that have been widely offered by estate agents for a number of years and are controlled by mouse and keyboard. This is a full immersive and very responsive way of looking at properties remotely. The accessibility to it is also a big reason in why it will continue to improve and gain popularity.”

Sales Negotiator Laura Green: “We are often in contact with buyers living abroad or purchasers from down south who may not wish to plan a trip to the area unless they are absolutely sure that a property would be of serious consideration to them. This will give them the opportunity to walk through the property at their own pace and revisit as many times as they like. A further development will create the potential for multiple users ie husband, wife and estate agent to take the tour together, whilst being in different parts of the country, and being able to talk during the process also.”

Director Alan Keddie: “The BBC recently released their own phone app for the World Cup, allowing users to experience a game and highlights in a whole new way, and it uses the same technology we are using. The VR tour is viewed and loaded using your own mobile phone, and attached to a headset – which are now wide available in shops and cost as little as £5.”

Head of Estate Agency Gary Robertson: “This is another exciting innovation that may help improve decision making and speed up the buying and selling process which can only be a good thing. In addition to the professional photography, floor plans and HD video tour that all of properties can benefit from, this takes things one step further. We are aware that the tech is not widely used yet, but at PPP we are very forward thinking, striving to be setting the trend and pushing new boundaries. We are a small company, but we dream big.”

PPP have invited any interested parties to contact their office and see for themselves how the technology works.