Repairs and maintenance

Murray Hall manages Maintenance and Repair requests

Murray Hall manages Maintenance and Repair requests and conducts our tenant visits. Around six weeks after your move-in date, he will arrange a settling-in visit with you to see how you are getting on in your new home and whether you have any maintenance issues you need resolving. We will also conduct inspection visits every six months (or more frequently if required).

Report a repair

Throughout your tenancy, you can report any maintenance issues to us via our Report a repair portal.

Emergency repairs

If you experience an emergency, please see our Emergency contacts page.

Condensation advice

During the cooler months, we receive an increase in the number of tenants reporting what they perceive to be penetrating/rising damp caused by a fault in the structure of the building. In the vast majority of cases, the mould / odour which the tenant is experiencing is caused by condensation produced in the home through everyday living. Please see our Condensation Leaflet for advice on how to prevent and treat condensation by properly ventilating your home.

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