Repairs and maintenance

This page provides information on what is an emergency, urgent and non urgent repair.  Depending on the category of repair you need to report, please follow the instructions below:

Emergency Repairs         

Any defect resulting in any one of the following:

a.            risk of danger to the health, safety and security of a tenant at the property; or

b.            risk of danger to the health, safety and security of a third party at the property; or

c.             a defect that affects the structure of the property.           

Examples of what constitutes an emergency repair are available here

Should an emergency arise during our office hours, please telephone us immediately on 01738 442255.

If out of office hours, please see the following page for a list of: Out of Hours Emergency Contacts

We will make safe the issue as soon as practically possible and normally within 24 hours of notification.


Urgent Repairs 

A defect that relates to any of the following and makes the property uninhabitable:

a.            the exterior of the property; or

b.            the installations in the property for the supply of water, gas and electricity and for sanitation (including basins, sinks, baths and sanitary conveniences); or

c.             heating or hot water.     

Report urgent repairs via our repairs portal: Repairs Portal

Where possible these issues will be dealt within three working days of notification.


Non Urgent Repairs        

Any other defect.            

Report urgent repairs via our repairs portal: Repairs Portal

We will contact you as soon as possible to resolve all reported issues.

Upon review of each issue we will take into account whether you have notified us of any vulnerable occupiers at the property.

Condensation advice

During the cooler months, we receive an increase in the number of tenants reporting what they perceive to be penetrating/rising damp caused by a fault in the structure of the building. In the vast majority of cases, the mould / odour which the tenant is experiencing is caused by condensation produced in the home through everyday living. Please see our Condensation Leaflet for advice on how to prevent and treat condensation by properly ventilating your home.

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