When it comes to marketing your property for rent, should it be offered on a furnished or unfurnished basis?…

A common question we are asked by new landlords is “Should I offer my property furnished or unfurnished?”. At PPP we use our experience and latest market knowledge to provide helpful advice to our landlords to help maximise and protect their asset.

In this blog piece we offer insights from our Head of Lettings, Murray Hall and Lettings Negotiators Ashleigh McIntosh and Hannah Mackay.


Murray: “We tend to find that unfurnished properties are proving to be more popular than furnished properties right now and there can be a number of reasons for this. If someone is looking to rent their first property they are really looking to make a property their own by buying their own furniture and items to style it in a way that suits their own tastes, effectively creating their own “home” and one they will enjoy living in. This can certainly help create a long-lasting and happy tenancy.”

Ashleigh: “Some people are also moving to a larger property or different area but have been renting before and already have their own furniture and furnishings. For people who have just sold a property, they may also prefer an unfurnished property so as to avoid the cost of putting their belongings into storage. With adding extra items of furniture, crockery, small appliances etc, this also creates an added cost for landlord when having to replace through wear and tear or having to take out added insurance for these additional items. Providing a property unfurnished perhaps minimises any risk. We carry out regular inspections at the properties we manage for our landlords to check on these type of things, but accidents do happen.”

Hannah: “We provide a complete inventory for all of our landlords which can prove to be very important for a number of reasons. One of the reasons an inventory is so especially important is in the case of fire hazards and safety because it provides an independent record of what you actually put in the property. So if a fire were to break out because of something a tenant had added that wasn’t safe from a fire perspective, we prove that it wasn’t our landlords fault and wouldn’t be held liable for it”.

If you are thinking of renting your property or are an existing landlord and would like to chat about our range of services, our fully-qualified staff would be delighted to help you with your plans.