Property Repairs and Maintenance

Minor Repairs
Minor repairs under £100 are undertaken if the need arises as it is often more cost-effective for the small works to be done at the time of inspection, rather than incurring a second call-out and administrative costs. Photographic evidence is logged on our system to justify works carried out.

Larger Repairs
If repairs and works are required on your property that is likely to cost in excess to £100 you will be contacted with an estimate of the likely costs from our competent and trustworthy maintenance and repair contractors prior to any work being contracted. If you have preferred tradesmen to contract for this work please notify us so that they can be invited to estimate at the earliest opportunity.

Emergency Repairs
Our main priority is to get your permission/authorisation prior to carrying out repairs. However, in a situation where it is an emergency which, left unattended, is likely to cause serious damage to your property, an emergency repair will be arranged.

Contractors Used
Premier Properties Perth has a long-standing relationship with many of the contractors who are invited to tender for work. Contractors who are found to be unreliable or untrustworthy are not invited to tender, regardless of how competitive their prices may be.

Cost Effective Solutions
Any repairs are at the landlord’s expense unless they are caused by the tenant or tenant’s friends, in which case the cost will be charged to the tenant.

Premier Properties Perth operates a policy on repairs, aiming to provide cost-effective solutions for what is for many, a balance between income generated and costs involved.

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