Welcome to the first Premier Properties Perth blog, which will become a regular feature on our website and social media channels.

Firstly, I would like to say a very big thank you to those who took the time to wish me well in my new role as Head of Estate Agency at PPP.

I’d also like to start my first blog by doing something a bit out of the ordinary perhaps.  I would like to say a very public thank you to my former colleagues at Clyde Property who I worked with during my very enjoyable and rewarding time at the helm.  I learned so much during this time and had some of the best times of my career to date.  I worked alongside some very talented individuals across the company and none more so than the team I was part of within the Perth branch.

In particular, I’d like to thank Nicola and Tara who are still an integral part of the team there and who were the first people to join me in starting the Perth operation and took that initial leap of faith when we set about creating something exciting from nothing.  My MD at Clyde, Gary Thomson, was also a great source of advice and encouragement throughout my time there and, even up until my very last day, continued to offer his advice and expertise.  A huge thank you also to Ops Director Fiona Hindshaw for all her support and everything else in between.  Nobody ever achieved anything in business without the help and input of others and what was achieved at Clyde was no different.

It’s funny how some things work out.  I started out in estate agency in 2006 and some of the first properties I ever sold were to a couple of people called Alan Keddie and Katie Hall.  This was long before Premier Properties was formed and before Alan and Katie were anything other than passing acquaintances and landlords who were adding to their portfolios.  I always enjoyed any dealings I had with both of them and it was no surprise to me that they eventually ended up going into business together.  I had kept in touch with Alan over the years and our paths crossed periodically.

The first meeting I had with Alan and Katie about us linking up was very informal and lasted over five hours.  In truth, it could have lasted for hours longer than that and I believe that initial meeting gave us all an early feeling that we were all completely on the same page, had similar ambitions for what could be achieved and that we could work very well together.

It’s only 3 weeks since I started at PPP.  The team here have been great and it has become very clear just how big a part they played in helping the company secure three major awards last year.  They’ve made me feel very welcome and I already know exactly who takes what in their tea or coffee, which is always the most important thing to establish when meeting new colleagues!  There is a real togetherness and spirit amongst them and, now that I have had the chance to work with them and get to know them a bit, I’m looking forward to a bright future together.

Since joining in early March, we have really hit the ground running on a number of fronts. New listings and sales agreed have both been well into the double figures and this includes some closing dates and a number of sales within a matter of days and some in excess of their home report valuation.

We have made investments in new IT equipment, including a new high-quality printer and finisher which will allow us to produce our own in-house glossy brochures.  We have also implemented some new systems and processes to help the day to day running of our business and forged links with a number of new clients and companies, including national house builder Bellway Homes.  This gives an indication of the ambitions we have for the company and, with a number of other exciting initiatives and projects in the pipeline, we will continue to push forward with continued improvement for the benefit of the business and, most importantly, our clients.

In future editions of this blog I hope to offer insights into the local property market, developing trends and anything else that may help those looking to make a move and sell their property. I’ll also offer an insight to our own levels of business and more specific data, but for now we look forward to a busy spring market and for things to really get going.

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