Estate Agency Team: Alan Keddie, Laura Aitken, Katie Hall, Gary Robertson

One of the most important things to consider when marketing your property is: how much are you going to ask for it?  What asking price are you going to set?  At Premier Properties this is a two-way discussion we have with our clients to make sure we agree on an asking price that our client is comfortable with and that will help the marketing process.  Below, some of our estate agency team discuss this topic:

Head of Estate Agency Gary Robertson: “April turned out to be a record month for the company for both sales agreed and for new sales listings coming to the market.  Of the 24 sales we agreed in total across all of Perthshire, almost 92% of them received an offer in excess of the asking price and a number of them in excess of the home report valuation.  Some at closing dates and some simply due to our negotiation skills to try and secure the best possible price for our clients.  For me, I see the asking price as an important part of our overall marketing strategy.  An agent can have the most impressive marketing materials and exposure imaginable but if the asking price is too high, or perhaps even too low in some cases, it can have a big impact on the success of a sale.  If pitched correctly in conjunction with an extensive, quality marketing strategy and pro-active team behind things, some great results can be achieved. My advice, as ever, is to speak to your agent and ask for their suggestions based on market evidence and proof”.

Sales Negotiator Laura Aitken: “Our evidence and analysis suggests that the most effect type of asking price is a slightly lower ‘Offers Over’ figure just below the home report value.  We are finding that this helps to maximise interest and drive viewings.  It’s then down to us to negotiate any offer up to a level that our clients are happy with.  With ‘Fixed Prices’ we sometimes receive enquiries from people asking if the client is just looking for a quick sale or if there is something wrong with the property, so we tend to shy away from that for those reasons”.

Director Katie Hall: “We base our advice on what we see is working in the market right now, that has to be the most sensible approach.  This is why we regularly analyse sales data from various sources to look at what prices are being achieved in relation to asking prices in the Perthshire area, not just on our own properties, but also those marketed by other agents”.

Director Alan Keddie: “We also have access to data showing the number of price reductions actioned in the area across all agents and we are pleased that we feature very low on this particular table.  We believe that this shows we are marketing and pricing our properties very accurately.  Of course some price adjustments may be actioned for a number of different reasons and no estate agent gets it right every single time.  However, we believe in trying to get things right from the beginning, pricing a property correctly and working hard to secure a great price in as quick a timescale as possible for our clients”.

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