Is there still a need for the humble ‘For Sale’ board in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven property market?


Amongst all the debate about the importance of online exposure, high-quality photography and social media campaigns, one method of attracting attention to a property for sale can sometimes be underrated. In this blog piece, we explore some of the benefits of the good old-fashioned ‘For Sale’ board.

With the emergence of national property portals and the increasing use of social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to market properties, it would be easy to forget about some of the more traditional, underestimated methods. At PPP, we believe that every little helps when it comes to increasing the chances of agreeing a sale and achieving the best possible price for a client. Using a ‘For Sale’ board may be regarded as old fashioned by some, but as some of our estate agency team explain, sometimes the old ones are the best.

Sales Negotiator Laura Green: “A good example of how effective a board can be was a bungalow in the Western Edge area of Perth that we were marketing on Robertson Road. The sign went up as soon as we received instructions from the client that they wanted to use PPP to help them with their move. Minutes after the board was erected, we received a call from someone who had been tipped off by a friend who lived in the street and knew they were desperately looking for a bungalow in the area. A viewing was quickly arranged and a fantastic sale agreed all before the property was really on the open market. Much to the delight of our client.”

Head of Estate Agency Gary Robertson: “We are known for how quickly we can bring a property to market once we have been instructed by an owner. It does take a few days to have the home report carried out and arrange for our pro photographer to visit which is why we instruct the board as soon as possible and then start making calls to people on our database of buyers who are active in the area. This all happens before anything appears online.”

Director Alan Keddie: “Sometimes it’s the board that gets the interest going first and we use that just to make sure that we are generating interest in our properties in every possible way, either by traditional methods or the latest in digital technologies. This ensures we are doing all we can to help a client make their next move as quickly as possible. The ‘For Sale’ board is just one part of an extensive range of marketing methods we arm our clients with, but an important one all the same.”

Director Katie Hall: “As with all aspects of helping our clients, we completely respect a clients wish if they would prefer not to have a sign put up at their property but there can be some real benefits to using one, or sometimes more than one, and at the very least it helps direct a viewer to the property they are about to visit. As ever, any advice we give is based on what we are finding is delivering the best results in the current market.”

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