Last Updated: 19th March 2020

The risks these procedures will minimise are:
• The risk of buyers viewing your home infecting you/your home’s surfaces.
• The risk of our staff infecting you/your home’s surfaces.
• The risk of you/your home’s surfaces infecting buyers that view your home.
• The risk of buyers/you/your home’s surfaces infecting our staff.
• The risk of all of us spreading the disease further to our family, friends, the general population,
and to those at most risk of developing serious illness.
• Any adverse effect on the demand for your home/the general property market.

Actions YOU should take:
• If at any time you feel you have symptoms, immediately self-isolate, and let us know as soon as
possible and anyone else that you have come into close contact with in the last 7 days.
• Anyone visiting your home should immediately wash hands upon arrival, and during their visit if
necessary and again when leaving.
• You should ensure they minimise hand to mouth/nose/face/ear/eye/hair/body contact and
minimise hand to surface contact on door handles, light switches, taps, toilet flush mechanisms
and surfaces, and you should ensure to clean those surfaces again after they leave, and ensure
minimising hand to hand contact with them and maintain a safe distance from them as per WHO
guidelines mentioned above.
• Prior to any viewing, wash your hands, clean all door handles & light switches & worksurfaces,
open all internal doors, turn on all lights, unlock all external doors, wash your hands again.
• (Optional) You may wish to remain outside your property whilst the viewing takes place or keep.
a safe distance from the viewer
• Provide hand washing and drying facilities for our staff and the buyers at the nearest place to
initial access to your home.
• After the viewing, wash your hands, clean all door handles, light switches, taps, toilet flush
mechanisms, and work surfaces, and wash your hands again.

Actions we will be asking VIEWERS to take:
• At the point of requesting a viewing, we will ask if they have had any symptoms in the last 7
days and again on the day of the viewing.
• If all ok, viewing goes ahead, if not, viewing delayed until buyers confirm symptom-free for a
minimum of 7 days.
• Limit the total number of people viewing to a maximum of 2 adults only (no children).
• Buyers bring their own protection if required/necessary.
• Buyers wash their hands upon arrival, adopt a ‘hands in your pockets’ / ‘no-touch’ and ‘social
distance’ viewing policy during the viewing.
• Use protective gloves if they feel the need to ‘touch’ anything.
• Wash hands prior to leaving.

Actions WE will take:
• we will be asking for confirmation from the buyers and yourselves that no symptoms
experienced within the last 7 days.
• We will ensure that we wash our hands upon arrival for a viewing, and again before leaving,
ensure buyers do the same, and request buyers do not touch any door handles, light switches,
taps and surfaces in your home, and monitor this as best as possible during the viewing.
• If you are present at the viewing, please assist us with this by unlocking all external doors in your
home, opening all internal doors, and turning on all lights.
• If you are unable to do the last point above or are not present, we will do the same as much as
practicably possible while minimising surface contact, wash our hands before and after opening
all doors and turning on all lights etc., and wash our hands again before and after closing all
doors and turning off all lights etc.
• If any of our viewing staff feel any symptoms related to COVID-19, we will inform you, and the 
viewers, and anyone we have been in contact with in the last 7 days.
• We will still be able to offer viewings to potential buyers for your home during this period,
however if members of our staff do have to self-isolate, your cooperation with carrying out
viewings at your home will be essential and greatly appreciated.
• Email any viewers with a copy of the above requirements prior to viewing.