Emergency Contacts

A list of emergency contact telephone numbers.

Emergency contact numbers

The following are examples of what constitutes an emergency repair:

  • No heating or hot water at any time of the year if there is a vulnerable person in the property – a young baby or someone who is already elderly or disabled.
  • Heating system giving off fumes – call National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.
  • No cold water (check with neighbours to see if it affects other homes).
  • A burst pipe or a leak/water penetration that is affecting electrics.
  • Leaking soil pipe
  • Blocked toilet – but only if there is not another toilet in the property.
  • Blocked drain with sewerage coming up.
  • Rain coming in through the roof or windows.
  • Flooding into the property.
  • Lock broken, door broken or window broken – but only if it makes the property insecure (please note that you may have to pay for the repair where it is a result of your negligence or damage caused by you).

Should an emergency arise, please telephone us immediately on 01738 442255. If calling out with office hours, please listen to the voicemail message for emergency contact numbers.

You may also find the following telephone numbers useful:

Gas Emergencies

0800 111 999

Water leaks and Public Health

01738 475000

Reports of antisocial behaviour

01738 476173

If you are experiencing night time, antisocial behaviour from your neighbours and wish to report this whilst the incident is occurring please contact Tayside Police. 

Tayside Police

0300 111 2222

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